Peter Macfarlane's 2023 Solo Paddle of the Androscoggin, Kennebec & Dead Rivers of Maine & New Hampshire
in a Cedar-Strip Canoe by Otter Creek Smallcraft

Map of Overall Route Peter & Sylva

Trip stats, Before & after photos ...

The numbers

  • Total miles: *
  • Total days:
  • Paddling days:
  • Rest days:
  • Average daily mileage (all days):
  • Average daily mileage (paddling days):
  • Longest paddling day: miles (Day )
  • Shortest paddling day: miles (Day )
  • Days with rain while paddling:
  • Number of thunderstorms:
  • Days with a significant headwind:
  • Days with a tailwind:
  • Number of nights in camping hammock:
  • Number of nights in a real bed indoors with a shower:
  • Number of nights in other covered accommodation:
  • Number of capsizes:
  • Number of rides offered:
  • Number of rides accepted:
  • Initial body weight: lb
  • Initial pack weight: 42 lb
  • Canoe weight: 37 lb (about 41 lb including paddles, poles & PFD)
  • Final body weight: about lb
  • Number of moose sightings:
  • Number of bald eagle sightings:
  • Number of beaver sightings:
  • Number of musk rat sightings:
  • Number of otter sightings:
  • Number of pharmaceuticals consumed:

* Measured using Google Earth's ruler function along the route that I took (to my best recollection).

Before and After

How the hull fared, viewed from the bow (left) and the stern (right)


After 4 weeks on the trail

After a re-finish


The paddler at the start (left) and at the finish (right)

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