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Solo Recordings

Home Fires

In this solo recording project spanning 2016 - 2017 I take 11 waltzes that I have composed over the years and arrange them variously for one or more fiddles, low whistles, mandolin and octave mandolin. With the wonders of multi-track recording, I was able to play these instruments along with myself to piece together a performance that can never be rendered live.

Artwork for Home Fires

“I love your CD. You know when music brings tears to your eyes that it has touched your heart (or your soul or your brain), that's what your Home Fires did, almost instantly.” [NA, Princeton, NJ]

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1. Home Fires
2. Druppels & Drempels
3. Corinthian Wedding
4. Three Score and Ten
5. Nick Corley's Waltz
6. Apple Blossom
7. Generation Waltz & Waltz for Morris
8. Valentine Snow
9. Viennetta Waltz
10. For Smiggy


North Country Vol. 1

A collection of 34 tunes written while still living in the UK. Much of the influence is from the Scottish fiddle tradition, in which I was predominantly playing at that time.

North Country Vol. 1

North Country Vol. 2

A collection of 43 more tunes, composed mostly after emigration to the USA. Contra dancing, for which I play more than Scottish now, exerts it's influence in my style, but the Scottish roots show through.

North Country Vol. 1

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Peter Macfarlane (fiddle) & Lilian Linden (piano)

I played for Scottish dances and ceilidhs for nearly six years with Lilian before emigrating from the UK to live in Vermont. Before our partnership came to a close, we recorded for posterity several of our own compositions, largely arranged for Scottish country dancing, but with a few listening tracks thrown in for good measure.

Artwork for Peter & Lilian's CD

“Your CD with Lilian is great. The energy and drive comes through and makes me want to dance.” [SM, Concord, NH]
“This CD is a testimony to his mastery of that idiom and the integrity of the Scottish musical tradition ...” [GS, Philadelphia, PA]
“... fine quality Scottish dance music, executed to the highest standards of traditional musicality.” [GS, Philadelphia, PA]

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1. Reels
2. Jigs
3. Strathspeys
4. Marches
5. Strathspeys
6. Reels
7. Slow Air & Waltz
8. Reels
9. Jigs
10. Strathspeys
11. Polka
12. Waltzes
13. Jigs
14. Reels
15. Slow Air

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