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Tune Composition

Over the years I have composed many tunes, often for my own amusement, sometimes for a particular purpose, and sometimes when commissioned. As a fiddler (and player of other instruments), I have been playing traditional Scottish and other Celtic music for well over 30 years, performing for dancing, concerts and celebrations of all types. My love of this music has emerged at intervals in new melodies that insinuate themselves into my brain.

Whilst it is impossible to know exactly when the muse will strike, I have taken commissions and have always been able to fulfill them within a short time period.

My compositions have included jigs, reels, waltzes, slow airs & laments, strathspeys, a few hornpipes, the odd (very odd!) polka, and a few other bits and pieces. Several of these have been arranged in two volumes of my tunebook North Country and several more are awaiting compilation into a 3rd volume.

Gift ideas

It's possible to have a star named after someone special as a gift. Something equally romantic and rather more tangible is to commission a tune for that special person.

Within the broad Celtic realm, I am happy to devise a tune in a category of your choosing, one which embodies characteristics that match the person in question, whether smooth and flowing or spiky or bouncy or boring or a little off the wall or ..... you get the idea!

Please contact me with your ideas.

“The tunes are gorgeous! These are definite keepers and will be a big hit ... I say that about all your work, but it's true.” [GA, E Corinth, VT]
“The jigs ... have wonderful lift and are effortlessly tuneful” [GS, Philadelphia, PA]

“... these are new "classics"” [GS, Philadelphia, PA]

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